Back in the day of the BLACKDOGS...two of the club founders "Jimbo" & "Hakan" 

Back in the day of the BLACKDOGS...two of the club founders "Jimbo" & "Hakan" 

Club History:
It all started in Manhattan’s historic SoHo neighborhood. At 5 Sprint St. a small group of friends first played with an idea of an open pick-up game, and in those friendly
conversations an idea of a club was born. A little-known fact is that the earliest iteration of the club was regarded as more of joke among close friends, but it quickly
gained momentum and developed into a tradition of over 15 years.

Since it’s earliest days, the club has stayed true to its diverse and multinational roots. Among the club’s founding members were international artists, post-collegiate
players, an ex-pro, and local business owners. The on-field melting pot that makes up the very backbone of the club continues to attract players from all walks of life.

Over the years the club has witnessed the dramatic ride of New York’s soccer scene first hand. In a relatively short period of time, a number of clubs have sprouted around
the city’s boroughs, and we are proud to have played an active role in that movement. We consider ourselves ambassadors of the game and The Bowery, where we will
continue to play, grow, and pen our history.  


B-F-C- Bowery Football Club. The driving force behind our badge’s design was a desire to be true to and draw inspiration from the sport’s rich tradition and history.
The insignia was subject to various interpretations and versions until it landed on a balance of both classic and modern aspects of the game. Tradition is a core belief of
our club, and our badge is a manifestation of that belief.




The “BOUWERIJ” name dates back to when the Dutch first settled Manhattan Island. Quite appropriately named “Bouwerij road”–“Bouwerij” being the old Dutch word for
"farm”– the Bowery was a road that connected Manhattan’s farmlands and estates on the city’s outskirts to the heart of its downtown, which was located where Wall Street and
Battery Park City are today.

Because the club has always wanted to incorporate the Bowery’s history, the old Dutch settlement deserved to play a prominent role in our story and name.
“Bouwerij’s” Dutch meaning was a perfect fit as it embodies what the club is today. We are an organization that connects some of the city’s top young talent with seasoned
veterans from the world over. We foster growth and development while cultivating friendship and camaraderie. The Bowery today is what we like to call our "Football Farmland".



The “Blackdog” name actually predates the formation of the club and has its origins in the Bowery itself. The very first iteration of the club came at a time when the Bowery
was still a neighborhood with a reputation: a slightly dangerous part of town frequented only by those who knew their way around. Bars and clubs like CBGB and Mars Bar made
sure to leave a hint of mystery lingering in the air. The graffiti-covered alleys and walls gave this pocket of Manhattan a certain raw energy that lay dormant by day but was very
much alive by night.

The badge aesthetic was designed to mimic this energy. The watermarked background pays homage to the Bowery’s omnipresent graffitied backdrop. The hard and sharp
contours around the blackdog are intended to symbolize the gritty and hard-edged energy that the Bowery embodies.